Fluorite Sphere Small
Fluorite Sphere Small

Fluorite Sphere Small

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Fluorite is well known and prized for its glassy lustre and a rich variety of colours. The range of common colours for fluorite starting from the hallmark colour purple, then blue, green, yellow, colourless, brown, pink, black and reddish-orange is amazing and is only rivalled in colour range by quartz.

Fluorite clears and purifies anything within the body that is not in perfect working order. IT will help with ulcerated skin and suppurating wounds. Fluorite will fortify the bones and teeth. It will decrease adhesions. This stone will assist in osteoporosis by strengthening your spine and encouraging a more upright posture. By assisting with stiffness and joint problems fluorite will enhance your mobility. It will reduce inflammation from arthritis, gout and rheumatism. 

This specimen comes directly from Madagascar and has been hand-picked by us for its quality.

The sphere is ~ 58mm in size & weights ~ 320g

*Colors may vary with different screen resolutions. The product images shown are of the actual product that you will receive.

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